Three Causes of Dirty Siding and How to Combat Them


Three Causes of Dirty Siding and How to Combat Them

Cleaning is still an important part of owning a home, but all too often, homeowners overlook the fact that their home’s exteriors may require cleaning as well. Without proper cleaning, your exterior siding, like all other areas of your home, becomes dirty and begins to look dull. If you are searching for professionals who can help you with Siding & Fascia Replacement Denver, then your search ends here.

So, what factors contribute to the filthy appearance of your siding, and how should you combat and prevent them?

Dirt, Pollen and Other Particles

It is very common for siding to become encrusted with dirt, pollen, or other outside elements. Wind, storms, cars passing by your house, and even mowing your lawn can cause particles to fly into the air, causing your siding to deteriorate. Dirt will inevitably accumulate on the surface of any type of siding. All Seasons Roofing and Restoration has also established a track record as a reliable, trustworthy providers of Drywall Installation Services in Denver. So for issues related to drywall, just give us a call!

How to clean siding dirt:

Simply brush your siding down with a non-abrasive material and hose it down from top to bottom. If you’re using a soft cloth, make sure to move it in the same direction as the planks on your siding. Move from side to side if your siding is brick, stucco, or stone. Hose the siding from top to bottom once more to ensure dirt is not simply moved from one location of the siding to another.

Mildew and mold

Whether or not your siding has been sealed or is water resistant, moisture is still a problem on the exterior. Water causes mold and mildew to grow on your siding as organic particles such as dirt or sugars from trees and plants collect.

How to clean siding mold?

A simple solution of water and bleach should be sprayed or applied to the affected area. Mold is killed by bleach, making it easier to clean the surface. After leaving the mold for 10 minutes or more, scrub the residue with a non-abrasive brush or sponge.

Grease or oil

Visitors, family, and even you can transfer oils from your skin to the siding, making it appear dirty. If you grill frequently or use similar items, oils and grease can splatter onto your siding, giving it a neglected appearance.

How to clean siding grease?

Make a solution of warm water, vinegar, and dish soap to remove grease. Scrub the area in circular motions with a non-abrasive sponge until the grease disappears. Then, simply rinse the area to remove all of the cleaner.

Get Low-Maintenance Siding Right Now!

Cleaning the siding on a regular basis is an important part of exterior preventative maintenance. However, if you are ready to install the simplest and most low-maintenance siding, All Seasons Roofing and Restoration is here to assist. To get a free estimate, call (970) 227-3651 today. You can also connect with us by filling up the contact us form.