2 main differences between commercial and residential roofs

commercial and residential roofs

Both commercial and residential roofs are important for our survival. Imagine going to an office without a roof. How would you protect yourself from snowfall? Or maybe, your house roof has several leaks. Your rooms will get filled with water during rainfall. Hence, both commercial and residential roofs protect the objects under them. Despite some similarities between them, there are major differences.


If you have carefully watched the roof of a house, you will notice that the slope of a residential roof is generally steep. These roofs are made of asphalt shingles, slate, or cedar shingles. Some homeowners also choose metal or tiles shingles. On the flip side, the roofs of commercial buildings like schools, offices, and hospitals are flat. This type of roof ranges from old-style built-up and modern-day single-ply. As these roofs are flat, they can serve as places for gardens or solar panels. Commercial roofs are larger than the roofs of your house. Commercial roofs are made of heavy materials because they often have to withstand the weight of heavy machinery. The cost of building a commercial roof is also more than a residential roof, not only because of the larger area but also because of the specialized materials needed to build and maintain such roofs. For better guidance, contact commercial and residential metal roofing Loveland Colorado.


Both residential and commercial roofs require maintenance but not of the same amount. Those building owners who live near areas that have trees should ensure that their gutters are clean to avoid ice damming. The downspouts should be clear to drain water away from your building. If you are unable to clean your gutters, you can take the help of professionals for thorough cleaning of your gutter and downspouts. Both residential and commercial roof owners should check their roofs regularly. Commercial roof owners can walk on their roof, inspect for any problems, and contact roofing & restoration services in Loveland Colorado. Residential roof owners should inspect their roofs from the ground and look for any missing shingles, especially after a storm. If you need any help, contact your roof contractor.